Case Study: Bosco Chocolate Syrup

Bosco Chocolate Syrup

Bosco is an iconic brand. Depending on your age, you might remember making yourself a glass of Bosco Chocolate Milk or drizzling Bosco over a bowl of vanilla ice cream. if not, you at least remember the Seinfeld episode where George got stuck in an ATM vestibule and didn’t want to divulge his ATM PIN – “BOSCO”.

In 2011, Bosco is revitalizing the brand with their new Bosco Chocolate Bar and new retro-styled t-shirts. And they needed a new website to showcase their products. Bosco called on us to develop a stylish yet simple site that would do just that and also allow them to maintain the content themselves.

DG Interactive utilized WordPress to give them the capability to manage site text on their own, and we also created a linked site called – an incredibly simple and retro- styled site where Bosco can showcase blasts from the past like old TV commercials – to draw on the nostalgia that some people have from Bosco in their youth.