Case Study: Canon C100 Menu Simulator

Canon Cinema EOS C100 Simulator

This is the third in our series of menu simulators for Canon’s Cinema EOS line of cameras.

Continuing on the success of the previous simulators, the C300 and C500, the C100 simulator allows those that are in the market for or will be shooting with a C100 camera the opportunity to play with and learn the complete menu system of the C100 without requiring access to a live model.

This is important because, due to the cost of these cameras, they are not available in consumer electronics stores but, rather, only from high end camera houses.

The feedback from the marketplace on these simulators has been phenomenal as we have truly recreated nearly 100% of the actual camera menu system from scratch – accounting for every menu setting and inderdependency. It’s further proof of our internal motto here that if it’s possible, we can build it. And we have!

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