Case Study: Canon homepage carousel

Canon USA Homepage Carousel

Canon had a unique challenge with the launch of their Cinema EOS C300 camera. With a price of over $15,000, this is no ordinary product and is certainly not on display at local electronics retailers. There is a comparatively small list of retailers for a product of this caliber. In addition, many users of the product will be renting it from a rental house, rather than purchasing it.

These days, sites are generally moving away from Flash-based content areas on important pages because of people using iOS (iPhone and iPad) that cannot view Flash.

Canon USA’s Corporate Communications division enlisted DG Interactive to transform a Flash-based promo area on the Canon USA homepage into a JS/CSS based one that would render properly regardless of device.

DG Interactive’s solution is a hybrid that will detect for users on mobile devices and swap out the content accordingly. So rich Flash experiences can still be delivered to those on desktop computers which those on mobile devices and tablets receive lighter (non-Flash based) content.