Case Study: Canon C300 Menu Simulator

Canon Cinema EOS C300 Simulator

Canon had a unique challenge with the launch of their Cinema EOS C300 camera. With a price of over $15,000, this is no ordinary product and is certainly not on display at local electronics retailers. There is a comparatively small list of retailers for a product of this caliber. In addition, many users of the product will be renting it from a rental house, rather than purchasing it.

The challenge was: How can we allow potential purchasers or renters to get a true first impression of the product if they can’t easily get their hands on one? Also, how can we allow a cameraperson, who may need to work with the C300 without prior experience, get a feel for the camera ahead of time?

The answer was a full-on simulator in which we recreated every aspect of the C300’s menu system, down to the color bar options. Using the simulated controls, the cinematographer can delve into every menu and sub-menu – even register their own custom presets with the “My Menu” function.

And, of course, the simulator was designed so it will work on any device – including iOS tablets and phones.

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