Case Study: 3D Animation for LG MDTV

LG’s Mobile Digital TV

One of the most common uses of 3D modeling in our business is to showcase unreleased products. We can take a mockup or CAD drawings and create a fully moveable and scalable interactive model.

With LG’s MDTV product, we did just that. While it was launching soon, it was not yet in production and LG wanted a piece that could showcase the features and benefits of the products and would also show the consumer where and why they would be most likely to use the product. And they wanted it live by the time production units existed.

In this demo piece, we have a fully rendered model of the MDTV unit and take the user through a variety of 3D scenarios where they might find themselves using the product. It was also created to be used in a display unit at retail Point of Sale.

Whether a product is in full production or not, 3D demos are the ultimate way to manipulate a product on the web, enabling us to showcase just about anything we want to — whether it’s of the inside of the product (the "guts") or showing environments in which the products will be used.

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