Case Study: Zenith

When Zenith Electronics, LLC, a well respected manufacturer of televisions now owned by LG Electronics USA, Inc. wanted to overhaul their site, they knew they wanted to clearly demonstrate a product that has evolved with the times. DG Interactive was given direction to create a clean, sleek site that conveyed a 21st century product. Using Django, an open-source content management system, DG Interactive put together a site that shows that Zenith has evolved and offers a full line of cutting edge LCD TVs, Home Theater equipment, and Set Top boxes (for converting analog TV signals into Digital once the transition is complete in 2009). The content management system employed allows Zenith staff to easily add, remove, or modify products and ensures that all products maintain a consistent look and feel.

Jeff Gaydos, Communications & Collateral Manager for Zenith, said “DG Interactive delivered a site that was exactly what we needed and even faster than our planned timeline. They are easy to work with and were keen to make sure our brand identity was clearly reflected in their work.”

By using the open source Django CMS product, DG Interactive was able to deliver this site within a very reasonable budget while allowing Zenith all the functionality required from both a user interface and administration perspective. The system allows Zenith administrators to perform almost all site maintenance from a web interface without needing dedicated web resources to handle those functions.