DG Interactive now accepts payment by Bitcoin



bitcoinNew York City’s DG Interactive, a web development agency specializing in mobile and social web development, is the first digital agency in the country accepting the cryptocurrency Bitcoin for payment from its clients.

Why accept Bitcoin? According to CEO Dave Grossman, it was a decision in line with the nature of DGI. “We’re tech geeks. We live and breathe the constantly evolving web and with that, the evolving digital world. Bitcoin is moving from being perceived as an illicit currency to a mainstream payment method. The closure of Silk Road and the meetings in Congress this week have changed the game.”

While DG Interactive’s larger corporate clients may not be paying for microsites or Facebook apps with Bitcoin anytime soon, small to mid-size clients paying for a website update might get on board as the currency gains momentum.

DG Interactive’s first Bitcoin payment was just made for work maintaining Bosco Chocolate Syrup’s website. According to Bosco’s Scott Sanders, “When it was mentioned that we could pay in cash, check, or Bitcoin, I just had to give it a try. It was really no different than using a credit card, but it was kind of cool to do.”

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