If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an animation is worth a million words...


DG Interactive was formed in 2002 as a digital development firm focused on web design and development. Back then, we were also experts in creating CD-ROMs! You probably don't need one of those now...

These days, we've shifted our focus. We don't want to be an agency that does what everyone else does. We prefer to be unique. We specialize in two things: high-quality 3D animation at a fair price and complex web development for product simulations. We can do any 3D animation, such as characters or products, including stereoscopic 3D. And if you need 3D animation for your medical device or pharmaceutical, we have a whole division for that.

Lastly, DG Interactive is the holding company that owns MilesTalk.com - a community for frequent flyers.


  • DG Interactive provides LG with creativity, reliability, and value. They are not just a vendor, they are a trusted partner.
    Eugene Khodorkovsky, Digital Marketing, LG Electronics
  • I always enjoy working with DG Interactive. It makes things easier when you know you’ll get what you need.
    Patrice Smart, Canon U.S.A.
  • I’ve been hiring DG Interactive for work on our websites since day one and they’ve always delivered on time and on budget.
    Joe Bogacz, Canon USA
  • Selling our Marrow Cellution bone marrow aspiration needle became notably easier once we had a 3D animation to support our collateral. DG Medical Animations knows how to make a quality video at a reasonable cost and the ROI has been clear.
    Barry Zimble, Ranfac Corporation


For any technology use.
A Rewards optimization engine that tells you the best credit card for how you spend.

Animation Shows What Video Can't


The uses for 3D animation are far and wide. We use it to showcase technology that isn't produced yet. Or to show how things that operate inside of your body. We can re-enact an accident or use it to explain the smallest details of a patented technology in vivid detail.

Complex Web Development

We specialize in advanced projects like these Canon Cinema EOS menu simulators which enable buyers and camera operators to "use" the product without having it in-hand.

DG Interactive can create any sort of simulation for your product or device, for sales, training, or any other purpose.

This is an example of the C100 Mark II Menu Simulator we created for Canon USA. This project took approximately three months to complete and successfully replicates greater than 99% of all camera functions.


Key Team Members

Dave Grossman

Founder / CEO

In January 2002, Dave formed DG Interactive, LLC, an interactive marketing agency. His goal was to start a company centered on digital marketing that would integrate the most common aspects of customer’s digital needs: Website design and development with a focus on search engine optimization and online marketing. Dave feels that the key to unlocking value for clients is in building a client’s brand by designing user-friendly sites that potential customers are able to find when they search online. Dave has a strong commitment to customer service and always makes sure the client’s needs are met. Prior to starting DG Interactive, Dave was a Senior Producer and Search Engine Strategist at ICE Integrated Communications and Entertainment in New York where he managed and consulted on projects for a diverse selection of clients including Forbes, Fidelity Investments, Canadian Tire, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Canon U.S.A.

David Campbell

Lead 3D Animator

David is a trained Classical Animator from Sheridan College (the top animation school in the world), working in Computer Animation since 1993. He has done work for: Disney, Universal Studios, U.S. Defense Department, BMI, Warner Bros. and a number of European TV stations. Some past projects include: – Providing animation for conceptual theme rides and motion based theaters. – Creating helicopter simulations for the Pentagon (for training pilots in Afghanistan). – Animations for music videos David has also released some of his personal tools as production solutions for the Film/TV and Architectural market.

Jason Kogan

UI/UX Strategist

With over a decade experience in web consultation, development and management, Jason has skills as a Strategist, Business Analyst and Information Architect who is able to deliver solutions that work. As a Web Solution Strategist, he has maximized the business goals of clients, optimized the user experience, and strategized solutions for brands such as Virgin Mobile, Canadian Tire, Nissan, Meijer, La Vie En Rose, LG, Spartacus and Hyundai, among others. His experience in web design, publishing, tourism, gaming and loyalty has given him extensive experience as a usability expert, product manager, technology manager and a web developer. Jason aims to exceed the expectations of his clients. Specialties:Consultation is Jason’s strong point as he’s able to professionally communicate documented solutions that address any business or technical challenge.


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